A celebration of Irish Dexter beef in Brioche this October


Brioche in Ranelagh will celebrate the unique qualities of Dexter beef with a special tasting event designed to showcase every aspect of this native Irish breed on October 9th.

Earlier this year chef patron of Brioche restaurant in Ranelagh, Gavin McDonagh, took a trip to North Donegal to see Cathy and Sam Dill’s herds of Dexter cattle in their native environment, deciding there and then to schedule a Dexter beef tasting night in his restaurant, to explore and celebrate this delicious, wholly Irish product.

The Dills have been farming Dexters since 2009 and now have one of the largest herds in the country. The cattle are 100% pasture reared, dining on the tough grasses and herbs that are found on these beach-hugging fields exposed to the salty Atlantic winds.

Six weeks prior to the tasting evening on 9th October, a Dexter will be slaughtered by the Dills and hung for 36 days before being delivered into the skilled hands of Gavin and his team of chefs at Brioche, where they will create their five course menu, each celebrating a different cut of Dexter beef for their tasting evening, a process which Gavin also plans to record on his blog. #

Starting with a selection of canapés including beef fingers with hazelnut emulsion and beef tartare, guests will then enjoy courses that include carpaccio, oyster and horseradish and shin and oxtail raviolo, roast parsnip and Cognac consommé, parsnip crisps and puree. Other courses include a beautiful braised shoulder of beef, sauerkraut, potato dumpling, shallot and wild mushroom. Even the dessert will incorporate Dexter beef in the most delicious way.

Dexter beef is a truly Irish product, originating from South West Ireland, though the cattle are now found all over the world and are prized for the quality of their milk, meat and temperament. Dexter beef is darker than usual as it is hung for longer, and well-marbled yet still lean and tender and intensely flavoured. Dexter beef cooks superbly because of the excellent marbling and eats like a dream.

Described as having a rich, nutty taste and ‘sweeter’ than other beef, living a stress-free life on grass, meadow plants and leaves, Dexter cattle produce a tasty, tender beef, rich in omega 3s and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and antioxidants and low in saturated fat. The Dexter breed virtually disappeared in Ireland during the 1940s due to changes in farming practices but has been making a comeback, and is now seen more often on the grasslands and in the climate for which it was specifically bred.

Brioche’s modern tasting menus showcase the very best of Irish produce using classic French techniques in beautifully composed and carefully crafted dishes. Chef Gavin McDonagh selects only the very best in-season produce from hand-picked producers and suppliers to ensure flavour is always at a maximum.

The Celebration of Dexter Beef takes place on 9th October in Brioche restaurant in Ranelagh, and will cost €65 per person, with matching wines for €35. To book call (01) 497 9163

Brioche Restaurant,
51 Elmwood Avenue Lower



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