Make Mine a Puggacino – A Pop Up Pug Café Exists

Pop Up Pug Cafe 5

At TheTaste we are more than a little partial to pugs, so much so that we even have our very own office pug Alfie. Naturally then, we were more than a little excited to learn that there is now a Pug Pop Up Café, the crinkled faced little cuties take centre stage.

Unlike other dog-friendly cafés, the Pop Up Pug cafe aims to make the furry little friends the guests of honour, with delicious treats like Puggacinos, doggy muffins, doggy cakes and other pugtastic baked treats. Owners of the perfect little pugs, as well as pugaliers and chugs (chihuahua crossed pugs!) are encouraged to apply for a place at theses exclusive, perfect-sounding pop up events.

“We are aiming to provide a very positive, memorable experience for pugs, pug owners and pug lovers. We are NOT trying to fit as many pugs into one space as possible!”, said the organisers, The Guildford Pug Meet Up. The group intends to assemble – wait for it – a grumble of pugs, so they can socialise and have a good chin, or tail, wag.

The only downside is that the pop up is currently only taking place in Surrey, at the Esquire Coffee Shop. The first event took place on May 21st and was entirely sold out, but there are more events planned for the near future. Hopefully the idea will catch on here in Ireland so Alfie and his fellow pugs can bond over Puggacinos!

For more information on the pug café, click here.

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