Amazon Wine? The Online Retailer Now Offers Exclusive Range NEXT (Update)

Amazon Wine: The Online Retailer Just Launched its Own Brand NEXT

After making headlines recently over the purchase of Whole Foods, Amazon has turned heads in the wine world with the recent launch of a new range sold exclusively by the retailer: NEXT. The range is made by King Vintners, a subsidiary of Oregon-based King Estate Winery which debuted on June 28th on

King Estate Winery announces that NEXT’s  initial offer includes three wines: a Pinot Gris, a Red Blend and a Pinot Noir. King Vintners has stated that it plans to add four more brands to its lineup, each representing a different wine-growing region from which KV sources its fruit.

By offering this range, Amazon continues a streak of consistent moves into the food and beverages world which also includes the sale of groceries and super-fast delivery in many cities. This is not Amazon’s first experience in the wine world, back in 2009, the retailer attempted to sell wine but the venture didn’t crystalise. Another unfruitful effort was tied to the purchase of WineShopper for $30 million only to see the company go down a few months after.

While a communicate by the winery introducing the range said the wines were developed “from conception to release with Amazon Wine”, TechCrunch reported shortly after that an Amazon rep has pointed out that the wine is not made by Amazon nor the company played any role in its creation. It is, however, available exclusively through amazon Wine at the moment and it is not expected to go into traditional retail or on-trade any time soon. It is expected that the wines will also be sold through the winery’s own site as well shortly.

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