Are you the Merlot of your Group? Find Out on Merlot Day November 7th

Are you the Merlot of your Group? Find Out on Merlot Day November 7th

Today, International Merlot Day, we celebrate one of the world’s most popular grapes. Sweet, friendly Merlot, sometimes snubbed as too “easy to drink”, but… since when is that a bad thing in a wine? If you realised you’re not really a Pinot Noir, and you didn’t really related to the things Cabernet Sauvignon lovers know, perhaps it’s time to admit it, you’re the Merlot in your group of friends.

Not sure? The more “yeses” you answer to these questions, the more Merlotty you are…

1. Do you cry when watching sad movies?

2. Do you say a loud “aw” when shown a photo of a cute dog?

3. Do you smile at people on the street for no reason?

4. Do you think being mild mannered is a quality and not a defect?

5. Do you enjoy big romantic gestures?

6. Do you still own a Teddy bear?

7. Do your friends turn to you for a sympathetic ear?

8. Do you have a sweet tooth?

9. When an argument starts, do you try to find common ground and avoid confrontation?

10. Are you a hugger?

For every “YES” add 10% to your Merlotesque score. More than 5 YESES? you might actually be a Merlot! Now go and be the sweet, friendly, sensible being your friends know and love.

And just because is Merlot Day, here’s a fun short video with a brief history of Merlot:


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