Lough Erne Resort’s Blaney Bar Introduces Tempting New Dishes Inspired By Asia

Blaney Bar

Visitors to Lough Erne Resort’s popular Blaney Bar will notice some fragrant changes to the menu following Head Chef Noel McMeel’s return from his recent travels across Asia.

Diners are in for a treat as they taste a fusion of east and west, with the new menu combining Northern Ireland’s finest ingredients with some incredible flavour combinations and cooking techniques from Thailand and Balai, as well as inspiration from five-star luxury travel destinations like Dubai and Singapore.

Those looking for light bites should try the Fermanagh Pork and Prawn Dumpling, which is accompanied by cashew nuts in a spicy red pepper sauce.

Equally tempting is the Crispy Chicken Dim Sum with Islander Kelp from the shores of Rathlin Island. The Tedfords Pork Belly Salad nods to the latest food trend of fermenting by turning Irish stalwart – the humble cabbage – into kimchi, and pairing it with Asian leaf, Bok Choi.

For main courses, the Silverhill Sweet Maple Duck Confit is served on a bed of Shanghai noodles, with a crispy wonton and a sweet coriander dressing.

Sweet and Sticky Pork Ribs complete the fusion menu, pairing Fermanagh’s famous pork with mango and peanuts for a smooth, creamy finish.

If you’re still seeking the wholesome Northern food Noel McMeel is famous for, the Celtic Finnan Haddie Chowder served with homemade soda bread won’t disappoint.

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