Ireland’s Gin Habits Revealed in New Survey from The Loop

Gin is the undeniable drink of the moment in Ireland, with the spirit continuing to rise in popularity. The versatile beverage needs no ageing so it can be produced and sold in a short period of time.

Distillers can also infuse their products with a cornucopia of botanicals, with the range of cocktails evolving from the classic G&T to a number of unique and original concoctions.

So who is buying all of this gin and why is the spirit so popular? A recent survey by The Loop attempted to answer this question.

They found that 46% of gin purchases were bought as a gift for another person. Those who did buy the gin as a personal treat (34%) revealed that they drink gin once a week.

Over half (64%) of the people buying gin were purchasing an Irish brand of the spirit, with most choosing their brand based on recommendations from others.

The survey also asked people which Irish celebrity they’d fancy sharing a gin with and U2 frontman Bono topped the polls. He was followed closely by Irish actors Colin Farrell and Pierce Brosnan, along with UFC fighter Conor McGregor and comedian Dara O’Briain.

The Loop has been a keen supporter of Irish gin over the years, and given the spirit’s popularity, they’ve launched The Spirit of Gin, an exciting festival taking place this summer at both Dublin and Cork Airport.

Customers can look forward to tasting both the gins they know and love as well as new favourites to discover. With over 50 different gins, The Loop combines the best Irish brands as well as some selected international bottles.

Throughout the festival, a team of 11 Gin Ambassadors will be on hand in The Loop to help customers choose the perfect gin, so there’s no reason not to stop by on your journey through the airport this summer.

The Spirit of Gin Festival will continue until October 1st this year.

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