These Adorable Costa Coffee Christmas Cups Will Warm Your Heart and Your Hands

Costa Coffee Christmas Cups

It may only be the first week of November but one coffee house has been given the green twinkling light to roll out their festive takeaway cups to help the nation warm up this season.

Featuring five adorable Christmas characters, Costa Coffee has unveiled their new Christmas cups in time for the countdown.

Costa Coffee Christmas Cups

Getting us into the spirit of the season, the next time you’ll go into your local Costa Coffee shop to order your beloved Caffé Americano or Cappuccino, you will be greeted by Santa himself or a jolly gingerbread man. A traditional snowman, Christmas elf or Nutcracker guard are also available.

Costa Coffee Christmas Cups

Along with these cute designs, the popular coffee house has also added their festive drinks to the menu, welcoming the Billionaire’s Hot Chocolate and Billionaire’s Latte.

The former is topped with caramel sauce, freshly whipped cream and shortbread crumbs, the latter a combination of their Mocha Italia Blend with Belgian chocolate sauce and caramel sauce.

Costa Coffee Christmas Cups

Furthermore, cold drinks will be part of the seasonal treats as the Billionaire’s Latte Frostino has been given the frozen makeover, and for a little bit of naughtiness this Christmas there’s the Black Forest Frostino, a frosty version of the beloved hot chocolate, both will also feature a cute little Christmas character.

Other delicious drinks you can treat yourself to will include the return of Gingerbread and Cream Latte, Honeycomb Latte, Mint Hot Chocolate, Black Forest Hot Chocolate and, one of our personal favourites, the ultimate Lindt Hot Chocolate.

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