Delicious Acai Bowl Recipe from Eathos

This Acai Bowl Recipe is from Eathos. It is really quick and simple to prepare and makes a delicious breakfast.


40g Frozen bananna * cut into chunks before you freeze so it is easier to blend
6g açai frozen pulp
450g Frozen mixed berries
45g Peanut butter
12oml Cold water
3 Edible flowers * can be bought in fallon & byrne
Quinoa gronola *any shop bought granola but we have used our eathos granola which is sugar, diary and refined sugar free and can be bought in shop
1 Passionfruit
Sprinkle bee pollen * can be bought in holland and barrett
Sprinkle cacoa nibs * can be bought in holland and barrett
Dried coconut chunks or desicated coconut
30g fresh berries of your choice


1. Using a blender or any smoothie maker, blitz frozen banana until smooth, add peanut butter and do same.
2. Add frozen berries with acai power and water. Blitz until smooth, if it is not smooth enough add more water until the desired consistancey is reached
3. Garnish with granola, berries, coconut chunks, passionfruit, bee pollen and cacao nibs.

[su_note note_color=”#eeede9″]RECIPE FROM EATHOS[/su_note]

Eathos (pronounced ‘ethos’) is an eatery like no other in Dublin. Their fresh approach to food, with quality and provenance in mind, makes this daytime fare unrivalled in the city.

Located on Upper Baggot Street, eathos is a café, eatery and patisserie that, as the name suggests, has a particular philosophy at its core. They want to make thoughtful food that makes their customers happy!

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