Pastry Panic! A European Wide Croissant Shortage is Looming


There aren’t many better smells than the aroma of fresh croissants straight from the oven, and as fans of the flaky pastry know this is in large part due to the large quantity of butter that is layered through these French favourites.

So it will comes as devastating news to croissant devotees to hear that the same thing that makes them so downright delicious is also contributing to an expected shortage and price increase as the price of butter has skyrocketed in France.

Since May of last year the price of butter has jumped as much as 92%, from €3 to €5.37.

Recipes vary from baker to baker, but since croissants are at least 25 percent butter bakers in the country are seeing their profit margins slashed, leaving the entire industry under threat.

So critical is the crisis that the French Federation of Bakers has issued a warning to prepare customers for an expected price increase in croissants due to the strong risk that the key ingredient is ‘running out’.

According to the federation, the rising butter prices are being caused by a milk shortage, and that cheese and cream are seen as more of a priority than butter and as such the majority of the milk supply is being directed to those. All the while butter just keeps getting more expensive.

Unfortunately for pastry lovers it seems that the only thing we don’t want to rise in this baked good, the price, is almost a guarantee.

Butter stock up on croissants while you can!

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