Here’s Where You Can Get an Exclusive Preview of This Mysterious New Irish Whiskey

DWD Irish Whiskey

After much speculation and anticipation whiskey lovers will be given a preview of “Dublin’s Own” new Irish Whiskey DWD Irish Whiskey on the 17th October in the award-winning retailer the Celtic Whiskey shop.

Little is yet known about DWD Irish Whiskey but the Celtic Whiskey Shop promises more information will follow in the coming weeks.

Named after Jones Road DWD Distillery, a famous Dublin whiskey maker established in 1873 on the north side of Dublin. It closed in 1945 after merging with two similarly ill-fated distilleries but Dublin Whiskey Distiller’s mirrors can still be seen in pubs around the city.

On their Facebook page DWD Irish Whiskey shares a charming, but mysterious, story of how two friends stumbled upon very old, unopened whiskey bottle with a mysterious, sitting in a glass case behind the bar.

After the bartender shared the few details he knew of this whiskey, one of the “Finest Whiskey in the World” according to him, the friends began “ajourney into the future, the future of a once-great distillery, dismantled, neglected and forgotten. Until now, after 76 long years, Dublins Own is coming home…”

For more details on DWD Irish Whiskey visit their Facebook.

More information on the event and The Celtic Whieky Shop visit, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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