Febvre Wine to Host Bermar’s Innovation in Preservation of Wine at CATEX

Febvre Wine to Host Bermar's Innovation in Preservation of Wine at CATEX

Febvre Wine Company will host a demonstration of one of the latest innovations in wine preservation: Bermar’s Le Verre de Vin Tower. Febvre has distributed Bermar Wine Preservations Systems for many years, and is proud to present what it’s the company’s most versatile model yet.

Le Verre de Vin Tower can be placed anywhere in the restaurant or bar and it offers a stylish counter top unit and a space-efficient and easy to use system ideal for serving wine by the glass as it preserves any open bottle including sparkling wines for 21 days in perfect serving conditions.

Demonstrations will be held during CATEX (21st to 23rd February) at the Chef Network Hub. David Boxall from Bermar will show how the equipment works and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

About the Bermar Le Verre de Vin

The system was developed with the expertise of many global wine makers. The lastest model doesn’t require installation and it’s so flexible that it can be added and placed in any space to a bar. Thanks to this, it can also be used for events and catering, including race-meetings, weddings, launches, pop-up restaurants etc.

It is estimated that the Bermar Tower can help increase the value of wine sales by an average of 25% because of no wastage and increase the volume of sales by 12%.

The system works by removing oxygen from the open bottle of wine to a precisely controlled level and so preserves wine without any risk to its subtle structure. It prevents the release of the naturally occurring CO2 in Champagnes and Sparkling wines ensuring that the fizz stays locked in and any issue of oxidisation is eliminated. Its proven preservation technology has interactive resealing preservation with illuminated nozzles that are amber to start the resealing and turn green when completed. The systems are fully guaranteed and any bar person can be fully confident of serving wines exactly as they should be.

For more details on the full Le Verre de Vin range visit: febvrewines.ie

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