This Dublin Coffee Shop is Sharing Caffeinated Joy with their New Filter Fridays

This Dublin Coffee Shop is Sharing Caffeinated Joy with their New Filter Fridays

Filtered coffee has always had a loyal following among those initiated in the appreciation of all things caffeine. Now, charming café Ebb & Flow in Clontarf is determined to share the barista favourite with a wider audience of coffee lovers and for that, they have launched their new Filter Fridays.

The initiative will take place every Friday starting tomorrow 12th of January and it will celebrate filtered specialty coffees. While in appearance, a filter coffee is indistinguishable from an Americano, they’re worlds apart in taste (spoilers: filter coffee wins).

The first beans to be enjoyed on Filter Fridays at Ebb & Flow will be Full Circle Coffee Roasters Single Origin from Ethiopia, a country known for the high quality of its coffee. Guests will be able to try it all day (7:30 am to 5:00 pm). They will periodically change the beans to give coffee lovers the chance to try variety.

To make the occasion more inviting, they are running a special offer to indulge your sweet tooth: a slice of homemade cafe along with your filtered coffee for only €5. You can also enjoy your filtered coffee on its own for €3.50.

Ebb & Flow is located at 56 Clontarf Road and focuses on specialty coffee from around the world’s best producing regions. They also sale beans and ground coffee to take home and home-brewing accessories, so it really is a caffeine aficionado’s oasis. Read our review HERE to find out more.

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