Glenisk Introduces Organic Bio Reduced Sugar Yogurt

Glenisk Introduces Organic Bio Reduced Sugar Yogurt

Glenisk has introduced a new range of Organic Bio Live Yogurts, with a significantly reduced sugar content and organic fruit and milk. The product is sweetened mostly thanks to naturally occurring milk and fruit sugars and it’s made exclusively with Irish milk with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners.

The new range comes in a multipack 4 x 125g and flavours include Natural, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry. Retail price is €2.75.

“This year, a big investment in both research and infrastructure has led to this latest innovation. We’ve created what we believe is our best yogurt yet – in terms of health, nutrition and taste,” said Glenisk MD, Vincent Cleary.

“We are sometimes asked if we can produce a ‘sugar-free’ yogurt, but as both milk and fruit contain naturally occurring sugars, that is not possible”, said Vincent. “What we focus on instead is ensuring firstly that we have a good range of no added sugar yogurts – and dramatically reducing the added sugar in those that do. We never use artificial sweeteners and we never will.”

Fist taste is free!

Customers will have the chance to decide if it is our best yogurt – at no cost.  Glenisk is giving away a voucher for a free pack to every customer. Details on how to get the pack are on

To help clarify some of the issues around sugar, Glenisk has produced a quick video guide: Watch here.

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