Independent Cafés Across Dublin Will Serve Free Coffee Today

Coffee Cups

Dublin’s café scene has never been more vibrant, with little gems dotted across the city embracing the caffeine revolution. From committing to sourcing the finest beans to roasting them in-house or supporting Irish roasters, the coffee community is stronger than ever.

It is little wonder then that with the news of a 53rd Starbucks franchise opening on Crampton Quay, small independent coffee shop owners are joining forces to take a stand. Claiming that the expansion of franchises and multi-chain cafés is impacting the success of locally owned and run coffee shops, a group of Dublin cafés will today offer free coffee to raise awareness.


The participating cafés are as follows, and each will tempt punters in the door with a free cup of Joe in the hopes of highlighting how important it is to support these smaller businesses.

Coco Brew
Celtic Cookie Company
Il Fornaio Enoteca
Foam cafe
Tamp and Stitch
Coffee Cartel Coffee Cart
Metro Café
Gallaher and Co
The Dwarf Jar
The Clockwork Door
The Stage Door
The Tram Cafe
The Joy of Cha
Il Fornaio Cafe
The Bus Stop Cafe
BG cafe & Deli
Irish Film Institute

coco brew

This initiative will run from 1pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm today, September 5th across these venues, so make sure you call in and show some support for our thriving coffee culture.

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