This Is the Irish County with the Most Pubs… Clue, It’s Not Dublin

This Is the Irish County with the Most Pubs... Clue, It's Not Dublin

The celebrated Irish author James Joyce once wrote “Good puzzle would be cross Dublin without passing a pub.” The thought, expressed by Ulysses’ Leopold Bloom, hints at the wealth of establishments where you can get a pint in the Irish capital, however, according to the recently published Pub Outlook Report 2018 by AIB, the Irish county with the most pubs within its borders is Cork.

The Rebel County concentrates 955 licensed premises, according to 2017 figures. This translates in one for every 543 people.

Dublin came second, with 772 venues, equalling one for every 1649 inhabitants. The third county with the largest amount of pubs is Galway, with 475 (one for every 506 people); followed by Kerry with 435 (one per each 334 people) and Tipperary with 422 (one per every 350 people).

This Is the Irish County with the Most Pubs... Clue, It's Not Dublin

The Irish county with the smallest number of licensed premises turned out to be Laois, with 123 premises which equals one for every 713 people.

Mayo, with 373 pubs (one for every 323 people) was the county with the largest amount of venues per capita in the country.

The report, which relied on data from Revenue, AIB Merchant Services, and the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland, also shed some light on the status of the Irish pub industry, pointing out that while pubs in cities are experiencing some stability, venues in rural areas are more likely to struggle. It also indicated that British tourists are an important factor for business, especially in Donegal, where 16% of the total turnover came from visitors from the UK.

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