Irish Whiskey Writers Tears Launches James Joyce Inspired Gift Pack

Irish Whiskey Writers Tears Launches James Joyce Inspired Gift Pack

With a book-shaped packaging inspired in and featuring extracts from James Joyce’s Dubliners, Walsh Whiskey released a limited edition Writers Tears gift pack.

The set includes three miniatures from the Writers Tears Copper Pot whiskey collection. When you open the box, it feels like opening a book, but the insides are carved and replaced with the miniatures. On the first and only full page it reads: “19th and early 20th Ireland was a golden era for both Irish whiskey and, perhaps, coincidentally, for great novelists, poets and playwrights.”

Writers Tears is an award-winning recreation of the 19th century whiskey and “a truly unique expression that is embedded in history. We hope you enjoy it… literally!”

The gift set is only available at The Loop at Dublin Airport in the Irish Whiskey Collection stores during July and August 2016. It retails at €18. According to the Aviators Whiskey Society, it will later be released to the greater domestic market.

“We believe it will make a high quality gift from those travelling from Ireland for whomever they are meeting in their travels abroad”, said Shane Fitzharris, Senior Global Sales Manager for Walsh Whiskey Distillery

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