KLM Airlines Partnered with Heineken to Offer Beer on Draft During Flights

KLM Airlines Partnered with Heineken to Offer Beer on Draft During Flights

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recently announced its partnership with Heineken to offer in-flight draft beer to its passengers.

After trials with different keg designs, both Dutch companies collaborated to developed a “brew lock”  that allows draft beer to be served in cabins without affecting the quality and flavour. Until now, air pressure and altitude had made it impossible: CO2 cartridges are not allowed on airplanes and larger systems just wouldn’t fit in the trolley.

Edwin Griffioen, supply development manager global innovation at Heineken, explained to Fox News that “because the air pressure is so much lower in an airplane than at sea level, a traditional beer tap will not work as it will only dispense a huge amount of foam.”

The new technology combines space for the keg and a safe dispenser that works under air pressure, but to keep the beer cold, the kegs will be stored in special insulated carts that have a thermo-like effect. It will be cold but not ice cold, but the airline will continue to offer cans and bottle ber at the usual temperature.

KLM expects to have this service running starting in August, and it will begin on selected flights, initially for passengers flying Business.

KLM Inflight Services Vice-President Miriam Kartman said on AeroTime online that the airline is “always looking for typical Dutch products to set us apart from other companies.”


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