Croatia’s First Underwater Winery is Pure Holiday Goals

Croatia's First Underwater Winery is Pure Holiday Goals

Croatia’s first underwater winery has recently opened to visitors. Located in the town of Drače, north of Dubrovnik, Edivo Wines can be reached after a quick dive at the bottom of Mali Ston Bay.

Wines are kept in amphorae stored underwater, and a sunken boat serves as cellar, which adds the the striking submerged landscape (or should we say, seascape?) views that visitors can admire. They also sell old amphorae jugs, which they describe on their page as “a unique souvenir from the depths of the Adriatic Sea.”

While the wine is actually made above ground, its unique way of ageing offers a natural cooling and unique quietness. To prevent them from leakage, wines are protected with cork and two layers of rubber. Once the wines are aged -after about two years’ time under the sea- they are retrieved. Bottles and amphorae covered in corals, seashells and other sea flora are sold and recommended for special gifts.

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