Love Whisky and Travelling? This is Your Dream Job

Love Whisky and Travelling? Grant's Whisky Is Hiring for Your Dream Job

Job interviews are not famously fun endavours but if the idea of travelling the world and sharing your passion for whiskey sounds like something you will enjoy, there is a job application that you should fill now: Grant’s Whisky is looking for a Global Brand Ambassador and as part of the recruitment process, the company will take three candidates to nine destinations across the world.

They’ll have a suitcase of Grant’s Whisky to share with the locals. “If this is the interview, imagine what the job’s like” reads on a video they’ve released to entice potential applicants.

The position is permanent and they’ll be receiving applications until the end of August. The role is described as “the main consumer-facing figurehead/spokesperson for the Grant’s brand globally”, so understanding of whisky is a given (although they state on their site that the candidates not necessarily have to have a background in the drinks industry).

Those interested in the position need to be inspiring leaders, able to motivate and direct others and ultimately, increase awareness about the brand and contribute to its expansion.

The first stage of applications will be done via Instagram or Facebook and the challenge is to create a three-ingredient drink (one of them being Grant’s Whisky). Get them to see it by using the hashtag #GrantsInterview. Then, 20 candidates will be shortlisted and invited to Scotland where they’ll face a new round of challenges.

Finally, three fortunate applicants will be selected for the last stage of the process and they’ll visit 3 different locations each in October. “Each finalist will be given a suitcase of Grant’s when they arrive in each destination, echoing the epic journey undertaken by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909 when he took Grant’s whisky to the world”, says the job description. They’ll be accompanied by a personal videographer and will liaise with Grant’s Whisky local teams “o set up events that bring the brand’s stories and core values to life in entertaining ways.”

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