Feast your Eyes on the World’s Most Expensive Burger Because you won’t Be Able to Afford it

Feast your Eyes on the World's Most Expensive Burger Because you won't Be Able to Afford it

By now, we’re all used to premium burgers with gourmet ingredients and prices that are closer to fine dining restaurants than to fast food joints but even in this era of glorified patties on brioche buns, a £1,785 (€2057) is an extravagance, in fact it is the world’s most expensive burger.

The burger, acknowledged by the Guinness World Records as the priciest ever, is the creation of Dutch chef Diego Buik, who leads the kitchen at South of Houston Restaurant in The Hague, Netherlands, and who is a passionate burger enthusiast. He decided to come up with the opulent rendition to celebrate the International Burger Day last 28th of May.

Feast your Eyes on the World's Most Expensive Burger Because you won't Be Able to Afford it

The burger in question has a patty that combines Wagyu beef and Black Angus beef steak, surrounded by other equally luxurious ingredients such as Oosterschelde lobster infused with Dutch Hermit gin, white truffle, Remeker cheese, Foie gras, Japanese fruit tomatoes and caviar on a saffron brioche bun. La pièce de résistance? The top bun is covered in gold leaf.

And while the world’s most expensive burger is surely a creation chef Diego is proud of, it is not the best burger he has had during his life. That honour goes to a modest burger he had a Byron, in London. A “beef burger on a brioche bun with dried bacon, Byron sauce, tomato, red onion, and aged cheddar. It cost me about £14” he told Diego’s love for burgers is well documented; his work won him the award of the Best Burger in Rotterdam in 2015 and he even has a burger tattooed on his forearm.

You can treat yourself to one of these at Diego’s restaurant, South of Houston, where you can also get a classic beef burger with bacon for €18, which actually seems frugal in comparison!

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