There is a New Non-Alcoholic Irish Craft Drink and it Actually Tastes Great

There is a New Non Alcoholic Irish Drink and it Actually Tastes Great | Designated Driver

Two Irish artisan companies have joined efforts to create a non alcoholic drink that will bring a smile to the faces of designated drivers, tetotalers and simply everyone that feels like having a booze-free, tasty drink at any given time. Wexford-based brewery YellowBelly Beer and Wicklow’s Black Castle Drinks have just launched “Designated Diver”, a dry-hopped craft soda for adults with no alcohol and lots of flavour.

It’s a pioneering product in Ireland, and the result of a collaboration between two companies that have long admired each other’s work and share the values of innovation and high quality.

The drink offers a fruit base of lemon and pear, created by Black Castle Drinks, which is balanced with a generous use of hops by the team at YellowBelly Beer, who chose Citra and Huell Melon hops to give a notably hoppy accent to Designated Diver.

The process of dry-hopping, which was applied into this new craft soda, means that hops are added to an almost finished beer to enhance aroma and flavour, think of it like seasoning.

The fizziness level is similar to what you’d expect from a soda, with vibrant big bubbles driving the flavours into your palate. It’s very refreshing and better enjoyed well chilled.

There is a New Non-Alcoholic Irish Craft Drink and it Actually Tastes Great

The effort they’ve put into what’s inside is matched by that given to the can’s eye-catchy exterior, adorned by YellowBelly Beer’s Creative Director, Paul Reck, with his signature award-winning artwork.

Designated Diver is available now in independent off-licences and retail stores.

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