Overnight Gluten free Porridge with Green Building Block Juice by Linda Coogan Byrne

In terms of food fads, this is all the rage right now due to its convenience factor, especially for the working busy-lifestyle-lead people out there. This is an easy super quick way to have breakfast because you put it in the fridge overnight (or leave it out on the counter) and when you wake up its right in front of you with zero preparation. A breakfast like this helps you feel fuller for longer and is packed with energetic carbs in the form of macronutrients good for brain function and energy throughout the day.

As for the Juice, well, there really is no better way to rise and shine than with a super green juice.

Overnight Gluten free Porridge- Recipe

– 30g of Gluten free porridge oats

– 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds

– Sprinkle of dried cranberries & currents

– 1 Cup of hazelnut Milk

– leave in the fridge overnight and its ready in the morning!

Green Building Block Juice- Recipe

– 1/2 of a whole cucumber

– 4 pieces of thick organic spinach

– 4 pieces organic kale

– 1 apple

– 1 Handful of organically grown sunflower shoots if you can get them!

– One tablespoon of hemp protein powder

– And juice!

Impressively you are also getting more than half of your recommended daily allowance of 4 vitamins: B Vitamin 6, C and Vitamin A – as well as over 50% of minerals such as Iron, calcium, protein and Folate! And because it is juiced it hits your body in 15 minutes after drinking!

Over night porridge Breakfast -1

Linda Coogan Byrne
I’m an entertainment publicist, illustrator and writer. Besides the obvious love for music, art and words; I hold great passion for film, psychology, theatre, travel, health & fitness. I also have a diploma in nutrition and I am a vegan and coeliac. Web: Www.goodseedpr.com
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