Taking Personalised Luggage to New Levels – Would You Put Your Face on Your Suitcase?

Personalised Luggage

Never lose track of your suitcase again with a hilariously practical new personalised luggage set that will leave you giggling.

You’ll also never again have to argue with another passenger about the ownership of the standard black bag slowly making its way around the baggage claim belt at the airport.

That’s because your suitcase will have your own personal stamp on it – your face!

The clever “Head Cases” allow you to create your own custom luggage by slapping your face onto the cover of your suitcase. You can also use another photo, like one of your mischievous pet dog or a candid photo taken at sunset.

The case covers are made from durable polyester spandex and comfortably stretch to fit your suitcase. They’re available in all three standard luggage sizes, from small and medium to large.

You can order this exciting (and slightly terrifying) suitcase cover on Firebox, with prices ranging from €22 -€34 depending on the size of your suitcase.

Will you be buying one?

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