Portugal Launches New 10 Year Plan for Tourism

Portuguese Government

Portugal has recently launched a new 10 year plan for tourism. Their motto is to lead the future of the Tourism Sector.

A spokesperson from the Portuguese Government noted the importance of exploring the Irish market. “As a priority market for Portugal, the 2027 strategy for Ireland is to continue to explore the market’s growing affinity for Portugal and further invest in the bilateral relationship, increasing our presence and relevance in the Irish market, mainly during low season.”

The tourism sector will work as a hub for economic, social and environmental growth throughout the territory, positioning Portugal as one of the most competitive and sustainable tourism destinations in the World and based on 5 strategic axis: to add value to the territory; to boost the economy; knowledge enhancement; to create networks and connectivity and to give visibility.

This new strategy aims to make Portugal a destination that is:
sustainable and with a cohesive territory;
innovative and competitive;
that values work and talent;
to visit, invest, live and study;
inclusive, open and technological;
a specialised tourism hub and a reference in the production of goods and services for the tourism activity worldwide.

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