La La Lattes – Having a Coffee with Ryan Gosling is Now a Reality Thanks to this LA Cafe

Ryan Gosling Coffee at Carrera Cafe

We all know how that first cup of coffee in the morning can taste like life itself. But what if your much-cherished caffeine fix also welcomed you to your day with a delicious image of the one and only Ryan Gosling? In Los Angeles, Carrera Cafe serve exactly that.

Coffee art is a huge trend around the world, but never before have we seen such beauty sitting within fresh, foamed milk looking back at us.

The La La Land actor’s face comes alongside the classic “hey girl” meme quote, which the cafe creates by using the ‘Ripple Maker’ machine. This nifty device replicates an image of of Gosling, or any image for that matter, and will print it atop your foam layer of your chosen latte or cappuccino.

Not only are these Carrera Cafe hot coffees accompanied by the actor’s profile, but there are also motivational and fun quotes at the ready including ‘good vibes only’, ‘ciao bella’, ‘life happens coffee helps’, and ‘wake pray slay’ – perfect for social media sharing.

We expect many LA caffeine lovers to flock to the coffee house and avail of the innovative offer, which you can pick up anytime between 8am-6pm (GMT -7).

You can also create your own coffee art with personal and entertaining images or quotes. By downloading and using the Coffee Ripples app, you’ll easily be able to have your own unique morning coffee. Whether it’s your pet pug, a loving message for your best friend or significant other, or a symbol of inspiration, Carrera Cafe will have you covered.

So if you feel sluggish and need a pick me up, or if your regular cup of joe doesn’t cheer your morning up, then a Ryan Gosling latte definitely will. Admittedly, we’ll be ordering a week’s worth of “hey girl” to get us through.

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