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Ever get a feeling that when you walk into a restaurant and you just know you are going to be looked after? Even grazing eyes over the high ceiling room it would be hard not to feel how the warmth emanates despite the vastness and size of the place. Beyond the long elusive bar which concocts stunning cocktails, the open plan kitchen shimmers, sending aromas that excite the tastebuds as soon as you walk in to this stylish Scandinavian-Asian fusion inspired renovated Dragon Bar on South Great Georges Street. The website description is as accurate as it gets : ‘inspired by Scandinavian creativity and chilled out sophistication, matched with Asian purity and passion on a plate.’

Manning the kitchen at Soder+KO is the ever masterful and utterly charismatic -not to mention accommodating- Chef Kwanghi Chan, formerly of the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore. The waiters and equally waitresses ooze hospitality and good measure in a sophisticated yet relaxed manner. I know I am going to enjoy this dining experience.

Today I am tasting a Vegan menu, conspired I am sure, to make me not want to ever eat anywhere else, because after I taste Kwanghi’s food, I am not sure I can look at another menu.


And so the love affair begins…

Before the culinary delights, Kwanghi firstly pops over to our table and welcomes me to the restaurant and thanks me for asking him to prepare a Vegan meal for me, as he thoroughly enjoys creating new dishes for customers with dietary requirements. We chat for a bit, he is absolutely positively glowing, he has a sense of pride which sits well in such a lush setting and atmosphere. He hopes I enjoy what he has put together for me and makes his way back to the helm of his kitchen.

The waiter then comes out with the first of three beautiful brunch dishes: A cool Green Salad with a Pea Mousse and Warm Crispy Broccoli Tempura. The flavours are a mix of sweet and refreshing. Mouthwatering to be exact. And so, the wooing begins.


Next up we had a beautiful decorative piece of art on a plate. I feel almost guilty putting a knife and fork to it but this Mixed Beet Salad begs to be eaten. Again sweet refreshing flavours, as soon as I am finished I want more. The waiter takes away the plate and disappears for a while, leaving me sipping water, feeling a great desire for more. I can not honestly remember the last time food got me so excited. (I still want more, even after revisiting the restaurant three times since).

Soder+Ko Mixed Beet Salad
Then he returns with the final plate. A stunning vibrancy of colour made up of a myriad of varied Fresh Carrot and Walnut – the flavour mirrors its aestethic beauty and charm. Sometimes, I must say, I feel slightly naff taking pictures in restaurants when reviewing but as I look around the room everyone seems to be wanting to capture their own culinary experiences as the phones are out and the pictures are being taken. They WANT to savour this moment to later go back to it and day-dream when the hunger pangs set in when they go back to work of a Monday and retrace the highlights of their weekend.

Soder+KO Carrot & Walnut

And what a highlight it has been. I thought I was only stopping in for a brunch to sample the vegan adjusted menu and this is what I received. Soder+Ko don’t know how to do things in a half measure, it is full exuberance the whole way or nothing. Their excellence in food is something we all should experience. To quote the website again: Soder+Ko are “Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week and weekend brunch”, (which is what I had) “our food will have you coming back for more again and again” and they are accurate again, for I will be back again and again. With a menu that will not break the bank and for a culinary experience in a stylish, cool, sophisticated establishment with more than capable staff and a superb chef, not to mention stunning food – I simply can not recommend it enough. Go and treat yourself very soon and experience falling in love with food all over again with the Casanova of flavours-Chef Kwanghi Chan.

Söder + Ko
64 South Great George’s Street
Dublin 2
T: 01-4781590

Soder+KO   Soder+KO



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