Step Back in Time – Peruke & Periwig Review by Linda Coogan Byrne

When you step into Peruke & Periwig you are automatically transported back in time. You double check your clothes and feel somewhat era-lacking. The wigs hang loosely on the wooden paneled walls of the ground floor bar which looks like a late 1800’s/1900’s saloon with a waiter casually swaying behind the bar amidst a plethora of smoke and glasses. The smoke would be from the Wood Smoked Sherry Bourbon that two English gents just ordered and are being entertained by no ends as the crafty barman excels in his cocktail mastery.

We are met by a heavily tattooed waiter clad in attire that pays ode to the authentic look of the place whilst maintaining a level of modern cool. He is welcoming and vastly knowledgeable of the food and alcoholic beverages, even the non alcoholic ones as my mother requests a ‘mocktail’ suitable for a diabetic. This is no problem at all as the staff are there to make the visit and experience the utmost in comfort and hospitality. He suggests some home made cordials and bitters made from organic fruit they stock and use for their concoction of drink mixers. I order a slow sip Whiskey cocktail The Bodega, in which I could happily fall into, die and go to heaven upon the first sip.


The third floor lounge is a place of old-timey charming reckoning. Walls lined with books and quaint bay windows overlooking the Mayor of Dublin’s house. A fireplace and mantel boasting an array of Victorian wooden portraits is the centre piece of the room, which is near empty besides two other couples who sit in awe of the lounge and compliment the food as they ask for the bill. This leaves a trail of excitement as we grasp at the menus.

I am here to try the adapted Gluten Free Vegan menu I requested prior to my arrival which the chef had absolutely no problem in facilitating for me. He even emailed me in advance asking if there was anything else I needed to tell him or if there was any particular foods I didn’t like. Their attention to detail is unending. My mother and sister (whose birthday it was) eyed up their menus while the waiter presented me with the customised menu the Chef had prepared just for me.

The starter was a Pepper Hummus with arrayed vegetable stalks and slices presented in charming two piece mini steel pot serving dishes. That was a deliciously crunchy, light and satisfying beginning to the meal.


The main course was a Butternut Squash Risotto with Stemmed Broccoli, Baby Carrot and Braised Fennel. The flavours in the Risotto were sublime, maintaining just the right consistency for the sauce to not be overly wet nor the rice under or overcooked – in short it was cooked to perfection with a touch of Middle Eastern flavours of Cumin, Paprika and Coriander.


As for dessert they brought out a fresh display of Summer Fruit Salad bursting with colour, which was sweet and absolutely mouthwateringly good. This, they gifted us complimentary.


All in all the food was exquisite. For a starter and main course with three drinks for three people coming to €109 – Peruke & Periwig was an affordable, satiating delight of a Sunday night.

Peruke & Periwig
31 Dawson Street
Dublin 2
T: 01 672 7190
www.peruke& Peruke & Periwig

Linda Coogan Byrne
I’m an entertainment publicist, illustrator and writer. Besides the obvious love for music, art and words; I hold great passion for film, psychology, theatre, travel, health & fitness. I also have a diploma in nutrition and I am a vegan and coeliac. Web:
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