Sushi, a newfound love

The Irish are renowned for their openness, their adaptability and their willingness to try new things. We like to experiment, and more than ever we’ve got plenty of new choices to sink our teeth into. Sushi restaurants in Dublin are fast gaining popularity.

Sure, there’s a few old haunts that have graced our streets for years like Yamamori and Yo Sushi, but there are also a few little gems have been toiling away, delighting diners with their fresh, hand-crafted rolls from an exceptionally diverse list of ingredients.

Whether they’re long standing restaurants or newly celebrated spots, one thing is for sure: sushi is here to stay.


Michie Sushi started in a small shop in Ranelagh in 2007 and have since expanded into Dun Laoghaire, Sandyford and Avoca. They’ve won numerous awards over the years, from Ethnic Restaurant of the Year 2013 from Georgina Campbell to Bridgestone guides Best in Ireland from 2011 to 2013. Touted by critics as simply outstanding, they were one of the first true sushi joints in Dublin with the creative Japanese rolls we’re all just recently falling for.


Musashi is one of Dublin’s tiniest gems. Situated on Capel Street, it’s a little sushi and noodle joint that is utterly dedicated to freshness. They gained quick success within their neighbourhood, offering some of Ireland’s finest sushi at exceptionally affordable prices. Since demand was high, they’ve opened up in the IFSC and are able to host larger groups, never sacrificing flavour and freshness.


Banyi is tucked away in Temple Bar, just hidden down Bedford Row which provides some protection from the brashness of the tourist hotspot. With wide acclaim from locals and tourists lucky enough to stumble across it, Banyi has one of the largest sushi roll, nigiri and sashimi menus of all the current hotspots.


What do all these little gems have in common?

They’re responsible for introducing the traditional Japanese sushi techniques to Ireland. We may have fallen in love with sushi a little bit later than some other countries, but now we’re hooked.

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