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12 of the Best Hot Chocolates in Dublin

Forget mulled wine or hot toddies, ’tis the season for steaming cups of hot chocolate. While summer is all about drinking cocktails on rooftop bars and sipping smoothies in the park, winter is made...

15 Best Chocolate Experiences in Ireland

15 Best Chocolate Experiences in Ireland

Chocolate is described as “food for the gods”, but yet it is a vice us many of us mere mortals simply cannot survive without. One of life’s earthly pleasures, over its 3000 year history the...

Butlers Valentines Hamper

Win a Luxury Easter Chocolate Hamper from Butlers

Butlers is Ireland’s premier family-owned firm dedicated to the craft of exceptional chocolate-making. Every day, their team of devoted chocolatiers creates unforgettable experiences for you to discover and savour. The company is 100% Irish...