Taste Summer Cocktail Festival 2017


Taste Summer Cocktail Festival 2017

Summer is finally upon us and every night is an opportunity to sip on an exciting new cocktail with TheTaste Summer Cocktail Festival.

TheTaste curated a collection of Ireland’s finest cocktail bars, each of which will be offering a Special Summer Cocktail to celebrate the Festival, from now until the end of the Summer.

From slick new hotspots like Zozimus to mixology meccas like Fade Street Social, you’ll want to sample every exclusive cocktail on offer for TheTaste Summer Cocktail Festival – cheers!

During the festival we are inviting you to post pictures, tag your friends and share your experience with us at The Taste. If you use the hashtag #TasteCocktailFest you will be in with a chance to win some exciting spot prizes. We will be choosing the best posts to win so get snapping and share the love during July and August as we celebrate the rest of our Summer in style. We may even join you for a cocktail…. if you invite us 🙂

Best Cocktail Bars in Ireland

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Attention bars…. if you would like to sign up to the Festival there is plenty of time as it is running until 31st August. Contact Denise@thetaste.ie for further info.

Cocktail Competitions

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Cocktail Recipes

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Cocktail Articles

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