10 Facts you Need to Know about the Status of the Irish Pub in 2017

10 Facts you Need to Know about the Status of the Irish Pub in 2017

The Vintners’ Federation of Ireland, a strong trade association with approximately 4,500 members, recently published the results of a survey that gives a clear perspective on the current status of the Irish pub. The findings, obtained after surveying more than 1,500 people, were considered very positive, and left an optimistic flavour in the publican’s group.

Here are ten facts about the Irish pub in 2017 according to this study…

1. 88% of tourists from overseas visited a pub during their stay in Ireland.

2. 88% of respondents agreed that they’d like to see Irish pub culture and heritage preserved.

3. The average price of a pint of beer in an Irish pub is €4.38.

4. 54% of Irish people visit a pub at least once a week.

5. 49% of Irish pubs support a local sports club or outdoor event.

6. The main reason given for visiting a pub was “to meet friends and family” (80%), followed by “to have a meal” (47%) and “for entertainment (37.5%).

7. The average amount of employees working in a pub is seven people.

8. 62% of Irish people believe the pub has a very important role in the local community.

9. Retail sales in bars have increased in volume by 9.1% since 2014.

10. In 2016, pubs contributed to the Exchequer with €1bn through VAT and excise taxes.

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