Is it Party Season Yet? Here’s Where You Can Get The Ultimate Bottle of Prosecco

Ultimate Prosecco

Aldi is forever surprising us with unmissable deals and their latest offering does not disappoint. The supermarket chain has just announced that they will be selling an incredible six-litre bottle of prosecco.

The bubbly tipple, known as a Methuselah, will fill up to sixty-four glasses…Yes, you read that right, sixty-four! This huge bottle of bubbly would be the perfect addition to any party, especially coming up to the festive season.

This massive bottle of extra dry Giotti Spumante Prosecco DOCG will be hitting the shelves of Aldi from the 14th of November.

Aldi will also be selling two smaller bottles of Prosecco, the first is a Jeroboam that is three litres, and the second is a magnum of Prosecco. This sparkling Italian beverage has delicate aromas of citrus and wisteria flowers with a soft sherbet taste.  The refreshing acidity of the prosecco makes it an ideal accompaniment to light fish dishes and salads.

For now, the announcement has been made from Aldi’s UK stores, however, we are fairly certain they will be launching the Prosecco here too, following on from their offering last year.

Perhaps you love Prosecco but don’t like the dreaded hangover the following morning? Aldi’s UK stores are also selling ‘hangover free’ pProsecco. Be still our beating hearts! The sparkling sip is part of the supermarket’s organic wine range and it is believed that the grapes used to make the bubbly beverage are grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Ultimate Prosecco

The Prosecco also uses fewer sulphite preservatives, which are also thought to lessen hangovers. We can only hope they will be bringing this game-changing tipple to the Emerald Isle too, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming months.

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