Warm Queen Kale Salad Vegan Recipe by Linda Coogan

You simply can’t go wrong with a good hearty Salad packed full of iron and protein half way through the day to refuel the body and the mind. Kale is fastly becoming known as “the new beef”, “the queen of greens” and “a nutritional powerhouse.” So I made this up as an ode to it’s fabulous nutritional values!

This salad has nearly 3 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fibre (which helps manage blood sugar and makes you feel full), Vitamins A, C and K, and B Vitamin! It’s a real threshold of goodness compacted into a bowl and is designed to make you feel fuller for longer. Plus it is super easy to make and its very rustic and warming.


1 bunch of chopped Kale (organic if you can get it so it won’t have nasty pesticides)

Generous handful of spinach

1 Sautéed tomato sliced

3 mushrooms sliced and sautéed

Healthy spoon of chia seeds

Sautéed beetroot

Handful of Watercress

One small sliced sautéed season potato


Add some salt and pepper to season and toss all in a bowl! It’s delicious – without a vinegarette as the flavours are a force!



Linda Coogan Byrne

I’m an entertainment publicist, illustrator and writer. Besides the obvious love for music, art and words; I hold great passion for film, psychology, theatre, travel, health & fitness. I also have a diploma in nutrition and I am a vegan and coeliac.

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