Watch: Sneak Peek of Latest Episode of Catherine Fulvio’s New Series ‘Tastes Like Home’


In her new RTE programme Tastes like Home, Catherine Fulvio visits families across Ireland who teach her how to make their favourite family dishes, before travelling to locations around the world to recreate these ‘tastes like home’ for family members now living abroad.

Over six episodes Catherine meets the Irish diaspora in Europe, America and The Middle East bringing a sprinkling of enthusiasm and a large dollop of expertise to this travel cookery show.

In the latest episode, airing this Friday 2nd December, Catherine visits Sheila in Clonegal, Co. Carlow, to gets to grips with cooking “nettles”, and helps whip up a batch of a family favourite: Nettle and Leek Soup with homemade brown bread.


With the task to recreate this special dish, Catherine then jets to London to visit Shelia’s daughter Mary Claire, who lives houseboat beside Tower Bridge.

Despite the floating status of her home, with her husband Tom Mary Claire grows her own vegetables and herbs on the boat, loves to cook, and shares a number garden barges with her neighbours.

Tastes like Home, proudly sponsored by Londis, is more than a food show with a dash of travel, this is a format that will strike a chord with every Irish family as it takes you on a whistle-stop tour of 6 Irish families and their loved one’s home away from home.

According to Brian Walsh, deputy head of acquisitions and executive producer for RTÉ: “RTÉ is very happy to work with Catherine Fulvio and Londis on this new travel based culinary format. With such a vast diaspora and food evoking such strong connections with place and memory, it will make for exciting viewing. Catherine will bring these new foodie adventures to the table along with her usual sprinkling of enthusiasm and a large dollop of expertise.”

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