Yes Way Rose: 2017 Expected to Break Records in Rosé Sales

Yes Way Rose 2017 Expected to Break Records in Rosé Sales

Every summer, rose has a moment in the sun, both literally and metaphorically, as it’s the time of the year where most wine lovers say yes way rose. Sales rise and only the snobbiest of snobs decline a glossy glass of pink wine.

This year is expected to be record breaking for rose wines. Reports from Vinexpo point out that Instagram has a positive effect on rose sales, as this photogenic wine is perfect for snapping in sunny lifestyle shots and glamorous settings. The initiative deemed by American media as “Brosé” has also done its bit by making rosé cool for male wine drinkers.

In the United States, Rosé consumption has been on the rise for the past decade and in this country, the category of premium dry rosé is the second fastest growing.

In the UK, retailers are experiencing vertiginous growth in rose sales. Sainsbury’s has reported a 58% increase in sales during March 2017 and hopes 2017 to be its biggest year yet for sales of rose wines. The retailer recently introduced its first magnum of rosé and has reported that the lighter styles from Provence and Bordeaux tend to be the most popular.

Elizabeth Newman, Head of Beers, Wines & Spirits at Sainsbury’s, comments: “Consumer habits are changing as the UK begins to mirror trends in France – not only are we turning to France for paler styles but the magnum is also set to be a hit for entertaining.”

Upscale supermarket chain Waitrose reported that sales of rosé last summer went up by 104% compared to the same period the previous year. The company pointed out on their website that the popularity of frosé (a rosé slushie) played a surprisingly important part. A Waitrose spokesperson comments “Frosé really has taken the nation by storm, fusing together two summer favourites – rosé and cooling slushes. Preparation is minimal and it can be stored or used in batches, making it perfect for parties.

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