Spice Up Your Thursday – This Healthy Mexican is Giving Away Free Food Today

Zambrero, the Australian chain, which specialises in fresh, healthy Mexican food, is celebrating the opening of two new Dublin-based restaurants by offering free burritos to the first 100 customers to its new Beacon South Quarter branch.

If you don’t manage to make the cut, don’t stress Zambrero are offering 2 for 1 burritos right through to 8pm at the new branch.

What’s more, to coincide with the opening of its Beacon South Quarter franchise, Zambrero is exclusively launching brand-new Mexican barista and chocolatier offering, Coco Mexico, to Ireland’s coffee lovers. From today, Beacon locals can kick-start their morning by sipping on delicately roasted coffee or satisfy their sweet tooth with an enticing chocolatey drink.

Zambrero will also be spicing up the northside’s food scene when it opens a new store on Parnell Street mid-November.

Commenting on the announcement, Darragh Fanning, Former Leinster Rugby Pro and General Manager of Zambrero Ireland said: “We are thrilled to announce the opening of Zambrero’s 4th and 5th stores in the heart of the capital. Zambrero’s fast growing success is testament to the huge demand for our offering and the uniqueness it brings to Ireland’s food scene.”

Zambrero already have three Irish stores on Hatch Street, Pearse Street, and Dennehy’s Cross, Cork.

The fourth Irish restaurant is the first franchise at Dublin’s Beacon South Quarter and is operated by franchisees Cameron and Marina Matthews.

Speaking in advance of the restaurant opening, Cameron said: “Marina and I have been seeking a career change for some time now. The Zambrero franchise opportunity instantly appealed to us due to the company’s pace of growth internationally and its brand values. We are really delighted to be opening Ireland’s 4th Zambrero in Sandyford today and look forward to playing our part in Zambrero’s future success.”

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