Bay Restaurant, a delicious local hero

Bay Restaurant, a delicious local hero

As you drive along the clontarf coastline you will notice it is very well serviced with a host of eateries, one restaurant I have been meaning to try for awhile now is Bay Restaurant. Situated on a corner site ,a charming inviting restaurant with amazing sea views. We arrived with no booking, but we were warmly greeted and it only took a short moment before we were seated even though the restaurant was quite busy.There was a lively atmosphere and the other diners appeared to be really enjoying there night out.

We were then handed the menus and I must say this was a well crafted menu, packed with information on every course, such as calorie counts and whether it was suitable for vegitarians, coeliacs, etc. Now, when I decide to dine out, I consider it to be a treat, so seeing calorie counts isn’t something I am necessarily looking for however I found it a very insightful read and caused an interesting conversation, as some dishes you might consider to be high in calories, actually weren’t.

The menu has a great range to suit everyone, two dishes I would highly recommend was their Chicken Bang Bang and the Honey Sesame Fillet of Irish beef Salad.

The service was excellent throughout the night and the floor was well managed, the manager on the night guided his staff effortlessly making sure no one was left wanting.

In conclusion, our trip to Bay Restaurant was a success the food and the wine were delicious, the service was top class and the atmosphere was of a real local hero restaurant, it is easy to see why people say great things about Bay, we would highly recommend it, especially if you are looking for some healthy delicious food.

Bay, a must try restaurant !

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