Beetroot, Orange, and Fennel Salad Recipe by Chef Gareth Mullins

Beetroot, Fennel and Orange Salad The Marker Hotel Chef Gareth Mullins

This Beetroot, Orange, and Fennel Salad with Cashel Blue Cheese Toasted Pine Nuts and Rocket is a example of the type of dish on the Le Drunch Menu at The Marker Hotel, as created by Executive Chef Gareth Mullins.

The concept of Le Drunch is a later alternative to brunch, that has been taking fashionable Parisian foodies by storm. The menu includes a variety of the good stuff, the comforting stuff, the pick me ups and some irresistible sides. Our their restaurant in Grand Canal Square, The Brasserie at The Marker Hotel is delighted to host Le Drunch each Sunday from 2pm – 5pm.

Serves 4


– 200g Cashel blue cheese
– 3 oranges, segmented
– 4 cooked beetroot
– 1 bulb fennel
– 100g rocket
– 30ml New Grange rapeseed oil
– 10ml Llewells balsamic
– 40g pine nuts


1. To cook the beetroots – place on a tray on a bed of sea salt and bake at 150 degrees for two hours or until soft and tender. The reason we cook on a bed of salt is to extract all the water from beetroot. When cooked allow to cool, peel and slice
2. Finely slice the fennel on a mandolin and plunge into iced water, this will help the fennel stay crisp and give some texture to the salad
3. Place the pine nuts on a baking tray making sure that the nuts are spread out evenly. Bake in an oven at 180 degrees until golden brown.
4. Peel and segment the orange
5. To make dressing pour the balsamic in a bowl and whisk in the rape seed oil, season with salt and pepper
6. To plate – place the sliced beetroot in the centre of a bowl, crumble some of the cheese over the beetroot, Toss orange, fennel and the remainder of the cheese with rocket, dress with balsamic and rapeseed oil dressing. Scatter the toasted pine nuts around the plate

Chef’s Tips:
– If you are having a BBQ plate on a large platter and serve in the centre of the table
– You can also use golden beetroot when they are in season


Chef Gareth Mullins The Marker HotelGareth is responsible for all menu design and food preparation in The Marker Hotel’s four kitchens which covers the Brasserie, the Rooftop Bar and Terrace, the Marker Bar and in-room dining.

With over 16 years’ experience cooking in five star hotels in Ireland and Australia, Gareth spent seven years in the Merrion Hotel, where he was Head Chef in The Cellar Restaurant & Bar. Gareth and his team were chosen to cook the main course at the 2017 Restaurant Association of Ireland

The Marker Hotel The Marker Hotel

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