Cheese and Gin – Two of Our Favourite Products Join Forces This Christmas

Cheese and Gin

Did you ever think you would hear cheese and gin used in the same sentence? If not, why not? If so, keep reading to discover this year’s most incredible treat.

Cheese is one of the most indulgent and delicious foods on the planet. We can all agree with this, right? Meanwhile, gin is undoutedly one of the trendiest beverages of 2017. So imagine our delight when we discovered that there’s a food that combines these two wonderful products.

You can now purchases gin-flavoured cheese to really add a kick to your Christmas cheese board (or you know, any cheese board you’ll be eating throughout the year).

The novelty product, crafted by the Cheshire Cheese Company, won the International Cheese Bronze Award earlier in the year. It has been described as a “masterful balance of Gin and Lemons” which works incredibly well with creamy cheshire cheese and “results in a totally unique and incredibly tasty Cheese blend”.

This unique cheese experience is available online on for the extremely affordable price of £4.75 (€5.39).

The cheese company also produces a number of cheese hampers (perfect for a last minute Chrsitmas present) and some other uniquely infused cheeses.

For more information and to purchase your gin cheese, visit

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