Chocolate Choux Paste Recipe From CakeFace Patisserie

Chocolate Choux Paste

Choux pastry is one of my favourite things to make, however it can be slightly tricky. When I was starting out as a pastry chef in The Savoy in London I had a number of choux disasters, and when you are making a 10kg recipe that’s a disaster you don’t want happening twice.

We use chocolate choux paste which adds another dimension to any dessert. It is however slightly harder to tell when its cooked.

– 125ml milk
– 125ml water
– 125g butter
– 162g flour
– 7g sugar
– 250g eggs
– 0.5g salt
– 37g cocoa

1. Place the milk and water in a saucepan on a med heat- never allow to boil
2. Add the butter and allow to melt off the heat
3. Sieve the dry ingredients
4. Once the butter has melted add the dry ingredients
5. Beat vigorously on a medium heat. It will come together and look like a ball of shiny dough
6. Cook on as high a heat as you can without letting it catch for 10 mins stirring continuously- this is key to perfect pastry
7. Scrap the bottom of your pan constantly getting all the dried bits off
8. After 10mins the flour will be cooked out properly
9. Transfer to your mixer with the paddle attachment slowly beat the paste till it cools slightly
10. Add the egg in batches allowing the mix to absorb each addition
11. Hold back the last two eggs and check the consistency of the mix
12. Pull your finger through it and it should hold the shape
13. Your paste is ready for piping and fill
14. Spray the base of you oven with a little water and Cook at 170 for 15mins without opening the door. Turn off your oven and allow to dry out for 30mins. We fill our eclairs with homegrown gooseberry cremeux and serve with crème anglais.


Cakeface Patisserie, Irishtown, Kilkenny Cakeface is the brainchild of pastry chef duo Laura & Rory Gannon. Returning home after years working with some of the best pastry teams in France and London, Cakeface was born. Their aim was to create unique, quirky and unusual cakes pastries and desserts. CakeFace specialise in the unexpected and delicious, their range of desserts is designed to wow and surprise.

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