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This “Climb the Vine” series will junk the jargon, pooh-pooh pomposity and snub its nose at snobbery. If you have a question you would like answering or an area you would like explaining, just ask me on twitter @frankstero and I will endeavour to include it in future.

I’ve got a friend who likes a drop of wine but she’s very busy and doesn’t have time to read the papers researching which wines to buy and which wine matches which foods.
Is there a wine guide I could buy for this busy lady which wouldn’t be too technical?

Well of course in the first instance I would tell your “friend” she can pick up lots of great wine advice on TheTaste! But, if she wants something to read in bed then I would suggest The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club by Helen McGinn

Helen McGinn worked in the industry for many years, for several of which she was a supermarket wine buyer. After starting a family she wasn’t able to go on all the overseas buying trips, so scaled back her involvement. Other mums she was friends with kept asking her for recommendations, so she started a regular email – already called “The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club” – which then progressed to a blog.
And then came the book! Since it was first published a couple of years ago Helen has become a newspaper columnist and made regular appearances on UK TV.

The books gives you great ideas on wines:
to have on hand in the fridge door and wine rack
to get in for a party
to have with dinner, whether in front of the tv, in the kitchen or entertaining
to have with the Sunday roast
to have on special occasions

…along with great tips for food and wine matching.

It’s a great read, written in an unstuffy, no-nonsense style. Would make a great present for Chxxxxmas if you’re already planning ahead.

PS you don’t have to be knackered to like this book, nor a mother or even a woman – it’s a good read for blokes too!



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