Your Childhood in a Bottle – New Club Zero Super Split is Here for Summer

Get ready to relive your childhood with the new Club Zero Super Split flavoured drink.

With the summer well and truly underway, Britvic Ireland has unveiled the delicious new soft drink that combines juicy oranges and smooth vanilla but with ZERO sugar.

Club Zero Super Split represents summer in a bottle, but not just any summer, a truly Irish summer filled with festivals, melting 99’s and dodgy sunburn!

Speaking about this new flavoursome venture, Sarah McPartlin, Brand Manager at Britvic Ireland said: “Club is the number one Irish soft drink in the market and we are proud to say that we have been exciting and entertaining consumers, not to mention, quenching their thirst, since the 1930s.

With Club Zero Super Split, we are continuing to evolve our diverse range in the Irish market, delivering the best bits of life every day with a unique summer twist… and it’s zero sugar.”

As part of the campaign, Britvic teamed up with weatherman Martin King, in order to perform an impressive display of the splits atop two ice-cream vans.

The campaign is planning to travel the country this summer and they have released a funny video which has already amassed 160k views on Facebook.

Club Zero Super Split is available now in stores nationwide for a limited time, with the 500ml bottle costing €1.29 and the 2litre priced at €2.39.

For more information about Club Zero Super Split check out the Club Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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