It’s Going to be a Cracking Christmas! You Can Now Buy Gin Christmas Crackers

drinks-by-the-dram gin christmas cracker

Christmas crackers are one of those holiday traditions that many insist on carrying on every year, but rarely live up to the hype, usually filled with cheap toys, bad jokes, and party hats. But this year things the tradition is getting a much needed refresh with the creation of Gin Christmas Crackers.

Okay, the party hat and a cringey joke are still in there, but each Christmas Cracker also contains a 3cl dram of gin.

Created by Drinks by the Dram, the set of Christmas crackers this is the final piece of our gin themed Christmas – we already have stocked up on gin baubles and a gin advent calendar.

Gin Christmas Crackers

The Drinks by the Dram’s crackers each contain a different type of gin: Bathtub Gin, Cream Gin, Origin Perugia Italy, 1897 Quinine Gin, Moonshine Kid – Dog’s Nose and Bathtub Gin – Old Tom.

Included alongside your miniature 30ml dram are also tasting notes.

The crackers cost £31.99 for six. Pick up your set, before they inevitably sell out, on Amazon HERE.

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