Parisian Artist Lor-k Creates Mouth-Watering Art from Old Mattresses

Parisian Artist Lor-k Creates Mouth-Watering Art from Old Mattresses

A street artist in Paris is taking used, unwanted mattresses and turning them into spectacular food sculptures. “Eat Me” is the latest project from French artist Lor-K who uses abandoned mattresses as the base for her creations as a comment on modern consumption and to highlight our culture of waste.

For the last six years Lor-K has created a range of delicious looking food items including cakes, wraps, sandwiches and our favourite, sushi!

Check out her Twitter and Instagram for all of her art projects.


“Lor-K is a French artist working in Paris. She uses abandoned objects to create sculptures on the street. She finds them and reconstructs them directly at the place of discovery, before they are-abandoned. These objects are then fashioned a new identity and staged in the urban space. The projects are materializing into sculptures where the object and space are dependent on each other. Ink in a place, a time and a specific context, the work is in-movable and therefore doomed to disappear. Each creation is unique and unrepeatable seeking to regain the first ephemerality of the art. She then uses her  photographs, prototypes, videos, sculptures manipulated or written that can recreate the creative process into an exhibition.” Read More

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