PROPERCORN Launches Search for Ireland’s Most Talented Tastemaker


Multi-award winning snack maker, PROPERCORN, is launching a ‘crowdseasoning’ initiative in pursuit of flavour perfection, to find the newest addition to its collection of popcorn.

The Institute of Flavour invites you to take on the role of tastemaker, creating your very own signature seasoning in PROPERCORN’s virtual flavour factory ( Journeying through the spice shelves, the bitters and sweets of the flavour library, all who enter will be guided through a step-by-step flavour making process before submitting their seasoning for judging.

PROPERCORN Institute of Flavour

Every visitor will be in with a chance of seeing their flavour listed in stores nationwide and winning a lifetime supply of popcorn, as each carefully-created flavour, complete with personalised packaging, will be entered into PROPERCORN’s ‘crowdseasoning’ competition.

Entries will be judged by a panel of food pioneers, which includes PROPERCORN founders, Cassandra Stravrou and Ryan Kohn, Sam Bompas of food architects Bompas & Parr, and food writer, Natasha Corrett. The experts will select regional finalists from across Ireland and the UK, with the winning Irish flavour going up for public vote against UK finalists.


Cassandra Stavrou explained: “PROPERCORN began 5 years ago, inspired by childhood memories of food and flavour. Since then, we’ve been tirelessly exploring taste, learning everything we can about making seasonings in way that both satisfies and surprises. We can’t wait to demystify the seasoning process and share our flavour secrets with food fans.”

At the end of July, one tastemaker will have their limited edition flavour made exclusively for stores across Ireland and the UK and will be given a lifetime’s supply of popcorn!

The competition goes live on June 16th and runs until the end of July.

Visit to enter.

Want to know more about PROPERCORN? Click here to read TheTaste interview with founder Cassandra Stavrou.

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