Sierra Nevada Six Rights IPA – Craft Beer Review

Sierra Nevada Six Rights IPA - Craft Beer Review

With their flagship pale ale being one of my own gateway brews into the ever-evolving world of craft beer, I have always held the ‘hoptimist galactico’ that is Sierra Nevada brewery in particularly high regard. To this affect I endeavour to stay abreast of all the various different incarnations and seasonal offering that they so regimentally deliver.

My love affair with this Californian brewery reached new heights when I visited their Chico operation as part of my west coast trip this summer and of all the bursting fresh beer that I sampled from their taproom that day, there was one in particular that stood head and shoulders above the rest: Six Rights IPA.

In fact a double IPA, this 8% ABV beer pours an amber gold, demonstrating some cloudiness against the light. It develops a strong white head on first pour that subsides slowly and lingers around to keep a well-retained cap all the way down. There are big aromas of tangerine on the front here with notes of sweet peach but not a whiff of a high alcohol content to detect.

With some fierce citrusy bitterness on the pallet that gives way to flavours of pitted fruits, this is an insanely sweet and tangy beer, but well balanced, enough to provide faint undercurrents of malt and biscuit. After the quarter pint you begin to feel the alcohol warmth on the breath when exhaling.

Having had the pleasure of trying this beer right out of the tank, I can contest that this is a far superior beer fresh and untraveled. However, it still holds it’s own against a lot more local and domestic DIPAs. Though ‘Of Foam & Fury’ will have little to worrey about in this regard, Six Rights is still right up there as one of my favourite Sierra Nevada brews of the last five years.

Sierra Nevada Six Rights IPA is available at Martins Off License at €8.99 per 660 ml bottle.


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