Time to Hit The Slopes – Why Skiing Should be Added to Your Holiday Bucket List

Ski season is well and truly upon us, so whether you’ve been inspired by the athletes in the Winter Olympics or Ed Sheeran’s very romantic ‘Perfect’ music video, skiing is one of those sports that seems to appeal to everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been skiing from a very young age or if you’re contemplating breaking out your Bambi legs and giving it a whirl for the first time.

An adrenaline rush, skiing is both fun and a great workout. As an added bonus (especially for us Irish who rarely see any semblance of snow in the winter), you’re outside on the mountains, basking in the sheets of white around you.

Wondering whether or not you should book a ski holiday? Here are some great reasons you should seriously consider hitting the slopes.


Skiing is amazingly good fun. You’re flying down the slopes at a phenomenal speed just feeling the breeze on your face. It’s the ultimate thrill.

If you’re alone you can enjoy the peace and freedom of skiing, and if you’re with friends…be prepared for some intense races down the mountain – loser buys the beer!



Exercise is one of the keys to a healthy mind and body. Unfortunately, we’re not always the best at following a strict exercise regime. But if you’re out on the slopes and having the time of your life, you’re actually getting a serious workout, especially under all those layers of ski clothes.

Your legs will really feel the burn as you manoeuvre yourself down the slopes in the snowplough position. So what are you waiting for? Swap the gym for the slopes because you certainly won’t regret it!


As you get the chair lifts up to your mountainous peak, the views over villages, trees and smaller hills are truly spectacular. But the views don’t stop there.

If you choose to ski very early in the morning you may be lucky enough to catch the sun rising during that all-important golden hour.


Once you get off the slopes your day doesn’t just come to a sudden halt. Meet après ski, or after ski social events. A number of activities take place in ski resorts at night, with everything from magicians and trivia nights to movies, music and late night parties.

Besides, this is a great opportunity for those who may fail at the slopes to redeem themselves by winning a classic bar game.


Forget crazy theme parks and pool holidays, take your family skiing. Children are exceptionally fast learners and you’ll be instilling a love of a thrilling sport by taking them skiing.

You’ll also make some fantastic memories as you all learn to ski, enjoying the evening activities and trying something different that will be forever etched in their minds.


Just like riding a bike, skiing is a wonderful skill to learn and is something you’ll never forget. Practice makes perfect and that’s a great thing about skiing. There are so many different levels, so you can gradually progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced.

So even if you’re not a pro and you never make it past the Bridget Jones level of skiing, at least you don’t have to miss out on the fun.


So, you’ve been convinced to go on a ski holiday but aren’t sure where to go. Luckily Europe boasts an incredible variety of ski resorts on some of the world’s most beautiful and magnificent mountain ranges.

With resorts for all levels, groups and styles, you’ll be sure to find one that suits your interest and budget in the list below:

– St Moritz, Switzerland.
– Innsbruck, Austria.
– Bormio, Italy.
– Sölden, Austria.
– Arinsal, Andorra.
– Val d’Isère, France.
– Courchevel, France.
– SkiWelt, Austria.


Right, you’re almost ready for your ski holiday. But what do you bring? Unless you’ve got your own personal skis, you don’t need to worry about trying to load them on a plane. All you need to be concerned with are all those layers of clothes.

Remember to pack essential items like gloves, snow boots, a waterproof ski jacket, ski goggles, sun glasses, a hat and lip balm. For photography enthusiasts, a small camera, a go-pro or even your phone will ensure you capture those memories.


Sarah has always had a great love of travel, food and photography. Following her journalism degree at DCU, she developed a passion for travel writing while living in Spain.

Sarah loves exploring new places and sampling the local cuisine. Working with TheTaste.ie combines her love of food and travel.

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