The Smartest Kitchen In The Class

Smart meter in the kitchen of a home showing current energy costs for the day Design on screen my own. Please see property release.

When it comes to most things in life, it goes without saying that smarter is better. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen appliances that can anticipate our needs, save us money and in general make our lives easier. With smart living being at the fore of home technology these days, why should your kitchen be any different? We have compiled a selection of the most cutting edge kitchen tech that every kitchen should strive to obtain. You’re welcome.
Fisher & Paykel Quad Door Fridge

Back in the Celtic tiger era, Fisher & Paykel broke the mould in kitchen appliances with the introduction of their revolutionary DishDrawer, and they haven’t sat still since. Their newest offering in kitchen appliances is a thoughtfully designed piece of kitchen kit that strives for fridge perfection.  This fridge-freezer contains fourtemperature zones to suit different food types and the bottom compartment has a variable option to enable conversion to fridge, chill, freezer or soft freeze mode at the flick of a switch. The ActiveSmart™ Foodcaretechnology keeps food fresher for longer by adjustingtemperature, airflow and humidity depending on your needs while the slimline water dispenser ensures filtered water is always on hand. This particular model has yet to become available in Ireland but we are assured it is on the way. €POA

Samsung NV73J9WIFI Electric Smart Oven

Samsung are truly changing the game when it comes to smart technology, and their Electric Smart Oven is no different. Connect the oven to your phone or tablet to turn it on before you leave work, turn it off from the bath, or lower the temperature from the couch. The oven features 80 pre-programmed recipes and a vapour function which transfers heat and moisture allowing you to prepare dishes that are crisp on the outside while remaining succulent and tender inside. There is also an interior meat thermometer to ensure precision results every time. From €1449.99

Ovie Smarterware

Bringing Tupperware to a whole new level is a new start up called Ovie whose overall goal is to reduce food waste. With an estimated 40% of our food shopping going to waste, the smart people at Ovie sought to change all that and have developed a tag sensor systemwhich monitors food as it is stored in your fridge. There are three basic stages, Green = Fresh, Yellow = Still Great But Don’t Wait and Red = Too Late. This ingenious storage solution scans and lists your food then keeps track of it all on a handy app which sends you notifications of what needs to be used, along with recipe suggestions to do just that. It’s genius. Pre orders available now from $85

Anova Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth & WI-FI

For the past few years, Sous Vide has been the preferred method of cookery for many a Chef and its benefits are constantly lauded in cheffy circles, but the technology took some time to afford the home cook the same equipment at an affordable price. Thankfully, this is not the case anymore. Promising restaurant quality meals at home, the Anova Precision Cooker is easy to use and requires no specialised equipment apart from a pot and a food grade plastic bag. It is Android and iOS compatible, can be controlled by your phone and comes with a myriad of recipes for every skill level. £139.

Smarter SMC10 Coffee Machine

This one is for those among us who lie in bed dreaming of freshly brewed coffee without the need to lift a finger – well maybe just one. With the Smarter Coffee app you can plan your next cup of joe with precision, monitor the water levels on the machine and adjust the strength or number of cups with the touch of a button. €249.

Fromaggio Cheese Maker

For those who are serious about their cheese consumption, this is the one for you. Yes, we may have dabbled in cheese making at home, but this gizmo takes it to another level. Simply add in your milk, cultures and rennet, choose your preferred cheese from the many available on the app (or go wild and customise your own), and the fromaggio does the rest. Apart from cheese, you can also make your own kefir, yogurt and tofu along with Feta, Comté, Provelone and Bleu to name just a few. This could be dangerous. Available March 2020. POA.



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