Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

Halloween is over which means one thing and one thing only, Christmas is coming. It feels like only yesterday you were sticking boxes upon boxes of decorations up into the attic yet here we are only a few weeks away from taking them back down again. Thankfully not all is bad, as this time of the year also means you can blare Christmas FM from the car, you can start your Christmas present list and most importantly, Winter treats are back.

Whether you are braving the cold for a leisurely stroll, dropping hints in Brown Thomas to your other half that you know they aren’t picking up on or simply looking for somewhere to have a rest, I’ve got the best coffee spots to pop into across Dublin this Winter



Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

Famed for its quality drinks and friendly staff, Nick’s tends to be the first place on peoples lips when answering where is good to grab a coffee in Ranelagh. Giving free coffee to emergency service workers and over 65’s, Nick’s is more than just a coffee shop, it’s an example of local community at work. Located only a few seconds from Ranelagh Luas stop, Nick’s is my place to go if I’m heading into town or I just need a good coffee boost. Also check out the Instagram page dogsofnicks, you’re welcome in advance.  


Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

Bibi’s, located just off the South Circular Road, is a self-described cosy neighbourhood café, and to be honest, they’ve hit the nail on the head. With mish mashed outdoor and indoor home furniture and large glass windows allowing plenty of sunlight, Bibi’s gives you that warm outdoor feel that is only topped by its quality food and drink. Serving the well-known Cloud Picker roasted coffee and with a rich selection of food choices and desserts, Bibi’s is somewhere to sip on a coffee, catch up with friends, read a newspaper or just relax by yourself and watch the world go by. 


Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

When someone wants a coffee recommendation in Dublin’s City Centre, there tends to be only a select few places that come to the top of most people’s lists. Kaph is most definitely one of them. Tucked next to George’s Street arcade, spread over two floors and serving a personal favourite of mine in 3fe roasted coffee, Kaph is the perfect spot if you’re out and about and need somewhere to give you a quality coffee boost. 


Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

If like me, you’re a fan of town but don’t just want to hang around the Grafton Street or Henry Street areas, pop down to the CHQ building in Dublin’s docklands. Inside you’ll find Bakehouse, a café that prides itself in providing good food and quality coffee at the heart of Dublin. If in designing Bakehouse, the owners were going for the New York vibe then they’ve aced it. Bakehouse oozes positivity, bright colours, friendly staff and a delicious coffee using flavoursome Imbibe coffee beans roasted locally in Dublin. Only a minute walk away from EPIC, the internationally famed Irish emigration museum, make yourself some time this Winter to visit Bakehouse, relax in their pullman styled old cinema seats and enjoy a hot drink or fresh pastry, it’s worth it.  

Botanic Gardens and McMahon’s 

Positioned to the back of Glasnevin Cemetery along the Tolka River, The Botanic Gardens is a great place to spend a relaxed Saturday or Sunday this Winter. With two coffee shops on site you can keep warm while enjoying your walk with a takeaway hot drink or sit in and enjoy the fresh food and mouth-watering desserts the restaurant has to offer. If these don’t tickle your fancy then don’t worry, tucked in around the corner only a 2 minute walk away is another fantastic coffee shop priding themselves on good coffee, homemade desserts and friendly staff. While small in size, McMahon’s of Glasnevin punches above its weight with its standard of food and drink. A leisurely stroll through the gardens wonderful grounds followed by a deserved treat, can be one of the best ways to relax away from the chaos that descends upon town at Christmas. The Botanic Gardens is more than just a Winter coffee spot, it’s a Winter coffee experience.

Saint – Germain 

Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

All I can say about Saint Germain in Malahide if you haven’t been before is just scrap your Saturday afternoon plans and get yourself out there. Only 5 minutes from the Dart and conveniently located across the road from the well-known Gibney’s of Malahide(should you be so inclined), Saint Germain is a hidden piece of Paris in the middle of suburban Dublin. Serving delicious Bewley’s coffee on traditional metal dishes with a dash of water on the side, Saint Germain immerses you in French culture the moment you walk through the door. The café is quaint and warm with efficient staff, a food selection to make your stomach grumble and a dessert display that would rival the best Dublin City has to offer. If you’re with children they serve a delicious hot chocolate with all the trimmings that would make any child’s day. Go and treat yourself.  


Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

Another location in the City Centre to wind down away from the hustle and bustle is Bestseller on Dawson Street. Café by day and wine bar by night, Bestseller, a former bookstore, encapsulates a relaxed culture with a selection of delicious pastries, coffees, teas, beers and wines. Serving the delicious Badger & Dodo coffee, this comfortable café allows you to chill in their sitting room chairs and sofas while they prepare your order and drop it to your table. Surrounded by bookshelves, a collection of different furniture and dimly lit lamps, Bestseller invites you to relax with a warm brew while taking a break from the goings on outside. If you so wish they do have a small outdoor area on Dawson Street complete with blankets for those of you willing to brave the cold and watch passers-by with the impressive Mansion House staying within your periphery at all time. If you find yourself in town this Christmas shopping period looking for somewhere different, this is the place. 

Clement and Pekoe 


While this article has spoken a lot about coffee and hot chocolate, don’t worry tea lovers, I’ve got you covered as well. Any tea lover knows all about Clement & Pekoe on South William Street and it would be criminal for me to leave them out of a selection of the best spots to get yourself a hot drink this Winter, especially when they’ve only just launched their new Winter menu. Their new “House Chai” has just arrived and it is unbelievable. It’s a very popular and subtly warming version of a chai latte and is made in-house with C&P’s fine loose leaf tea, almond milk and honey and well deserves the bus or Luas trip in. While their interior isn’t exactly designed for you to sit in for hours, if you’re looking for a quick Christmas tea break, then Clement and Pekoe is your spot. 

Dog House Blue’s Tea Room Restaurant  

Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

As you may have realised by now, not all the fun happens in Dublin City Centre and there are plenty of spots worthy of your time to travel to this Winter period. Another one of these is the Dog House Blue’s Tea Room Restaurant in Howth. To describe this restaurant as the saying goes ‘it does what it says on the tin’. The Doghouse is a dog friendly restaurant serving delicious food and drinks daily with a warm atmosphere and friendly staff. Subtly lit with a selection of candles, lamps, lights and heaters, The Dog House throws you into a relaxed atmosphere complete with fireplace, beds, sofas and armchairs. The Doghouse serves Global Espresso Brands, a rich yet light coffee that both warms you up and wakes you up immediately. If you are looking to head out for a chilled day in Howth either solo or with friends then the Dog House is a must visit. If you don’t do it for me then please think of the dogs!   

Bewley’s Grafton Street 

Ten Terrific Winter Coffee Spots To Warm Up In This Winter

You all knew I couldn’t complete this article without mentioning the coffee epicentre of Dublin. Whether you are young or old, there is one place in Dublin that everybody loves come Wintertime and that is of course Bewley’s. Perfectly positioned at the centre of Grafton Street to encourage you to take a well-deserved break as you make your way down Dublin’s busiest high street, this beautifully decorated building, rich in history, tempts you in from the moment you set eyes on it. With their new Winter menu being introduced on November 12th complete with a selection of Hot Chocolates, White Christmas Mojito, Cranberry Mimosa and so many more, Bewley’s are giving you no reason not to pop in this festive period. Oh and the pastries and cakes, for the love of god try their pastries and cakes. Enjoy! 

Written by Gregory Murphy

“I’m Gregory, a recent law graduate who now works as Head of Sales and Business Development for 2GoCup. I graduated as a Barista when I took a year off from college and that’s where my coffee journey began.

In 2GoCup we’re trying to change Ireland’s takeaway coffee culture by introducing Ireland’s first deposit and return scheme for reusable takeaway cups. On my travels across the country introducing our scheme I have visited thousands of coffee shops and want to share my experiences of all the great coffee spots Ireland has to offer.

I’ll be sharing my experiences here and if you would like to get involved or follow where we are, give our page a like or follow.”


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