The National Homebrew Championship Takes Place Saturday 5th March

Brewing beer is easy, right? Well in theory, four ingredients are all you need to brew a beer, but there are numerous styles to brew and many ways of brewing beer. March sees the All Ireland National Homebrew Championship taking place.

Organised by The National Homebrew Club, this competition is so big it’s done in two legs with the Belfast Leg taking place recently and the Dublin leg taking place Saturday 5th March in Alfie Byrnes. The National Homebrew Club is the umbrella organisation for all the regional home brew clubs, check out their website to see if there is one near you.

Malt, Hops, Water and Yeast are all that is needed to make beer, obviously there is a huge variety in these ingredients themselves. This gives brewers amazing flexibility to make a beer truly unique to their tastes. There are, of course, style guidelines and these are provided by the Beer Judging Certification Program, or BJCP as it’s more commonly known.

BRewing Championships

Homebrewers all over the country have been sending in their entries with the hope of taking home that coveted crown. The prize for this is a truly unique opportunity for their beer to be brewed on a commercial scale; a route that has seen recently established Craft Brewers such as Rascals take those first steps into the commercial market of providing really good small batch beers. Rascal’s first beer was their Ginger Porter.

Home brewing has come a long way since the 80s where there was some questionable beer being made in the home, nowadays we see lots of ingenuity from home brewers to create brewing systems with which they can produce consistent and well-made beers. This competition is a chance for them to show off their skills.

Similarly to craft beer, there is a great community vibe in the home brew community, and I’m looking forward to being a judge at the finals this year. The National Home Brew Club is full of really helpful people who are at varying levels of experience in terms of brewing. They are only too happy to help with any query you have. You can look up the National Homebrew Club at

If you’re looking to increase your knowledge in the area of home brewing you’d be well advised to join the National Homebrew Club. Also keep your eyes peeled for this year’s Brewcon event, ran by the NHC, which is a symposium for all avid homebrewers with guest speakers on the day including Gordon Strong, President of BJCP and Chip Walton of online web show, Chop & Brew. Tickets are selling fast, more information here




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